RECYCLING……. it all helps to raise funds for your KPA ….

Thank you all for your old mobile phones, ink cartridges, stamps and jewellery that you have been putting in our collection boxes, envelopes and handing into the units and support groups.

Every item is sorted and sent to a few firms that we deal with to recycle them. The envelopes which are in the renal units can be used for ink cartridges (please put the ink cartridges in a small plastic bag to avoid leakage) & the old/broken jewellery and watches, or you can place them in the collection boxes in the waiting areas. Or ask at the unit to keep them for us .

Ink cartridges: We can only recycle branded cartridges

Mobile Phones: Any type of mobile phone, broken, faulty or just and no longer used,

please include charging cables and chargers and there box if you can.

Stamps: New and Old stamps from anywhere. Please leave no less than 5mm (1/4 of an inch) border and no more than 10mm (1 inch)

Jewellery: Any broken, damaged and old jewellery (please take care of pins etc. when posting.)

Old Coins and Bank Notes from anywhere in the world. Please put them in a bag and drop them in the collection boxes or pass them to your local support group.


Laptops - ipads - ipods - MP3 players - Digital Cameras - Computer Games consols and games

Please ask your unit to keep them for us to collect

If you have a lot of items to recycle , Please contact us at or ring the helpline and leave a message

We maybe able to collect from you .