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2017 Annual General Meeting

The meeting was held on 8th October at the Samlesbury Hotel.

As usual business was brief, information having been published in the previous Newsletter. Apologies presented, Minutes & Financial Statement approved, Auditor re-appointed. The Committee lost Ryan Crawford, whose business commitments now take him all over Europe, just cannot fit the time in. Nevertheless, he has contributed most of the input in carrying on the work of his father-in-law, the late Steve Walton in helping us modernise the logo and bring the redesigned website back in to function following our inability to operate the old one following the loss of Dave Ambler. We are so grateful for his efforts since he joined us.

The new committee is John Sagar, chairman, Anne Hemmings, treasurer, Helen Ashworth, secretary, Paul Morgan, Phil Mellor, James Barr, Holly Loughton, Faizan (Fez) Awan, Elaine Grimshaw, Desmond French, Rob Gillard. Barbara Morris remains as non-committee membership secretary.


As a sign of the chaos our committee has been thrown into by the losses suffered over the past year, we have not recovered the trophies or had them engraved in time for the meeting today. However, we have received nominations and can reveal the winners. But presentation of the trophies came later and photographs will follow.

In memory of Christine McCann Award” is for a member of staff who has given outstanding service to patients.

Mags Delargy is a member of staff often nominated each year and the first nomination this year, stated “She has always been very helpful and considerate each time I have contacted her”. Mags has been nominated a number of times in the past, so the committee was in no doubt that her award is well deserved.

In memory of David Hemmings Award” for a patient or carer who deserves recognition for the way they handle their lives or for their selfless dedication.

David Hemmings was our first chairman and joint founder of the Association. Although his widow Anne is listed on our Newsletter as a non-patient, she was a carer when her husband was alive and though not on dialysis has been a patient in recent years.

Nomination first received from Elaine Grimshaw, a post-transplant patient and a member from the early days as was her father John Whitaker, who sadly passed last year after a successful 28 year transplant.

Elaine would like to nominate Anne Hemmings for her dedication to her late husband David and her total dedication and all the hours and hours she has dedicated to the Kidney Patients Association.    

Last year, when Kevin O’Hara was nominated and given the award, Anne remarked in committee, that there was no-one more deserving. Anne has indeed dedicated so many years to the KPA as treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Fundraiser, Committee contributions and more, that anyone with involvement must agree that she is the most worthy recipient to date and it is hard to think how, for ever in the future, anyone will ever be considered as having done as much. Congratulations Anne.

Last year after considerable discussion, we agreed to offer free membership up to a maximum 18 months for new members. There was a fear that this could be abused, but whilst success or otherwise is not yet obvious, this year’s meeting agreed to continue the trial as any way of encouraging recruitment should be pursued.

Before lunch which appeared to be enjoyed, members again appreciating table service, we had 3 presentations, one from Dr Andrew Nixon, who outlined his research in to frailty amongst kidney patients, in particular, as opposed to the general population, and the role specially prescribed exercise could help. Ryan Crawford, displayed the new logo and demonstrated the pages of the new website, which should be live by the time you receive this Newsletter. Finally Dr Mark Brady, our Renal Clinical Director, outlined the work he does and how he wants us to work together to improve the service. All 3 presentations were enthusiastically received and are summarised in other articles to follow.



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