Anyone wishing to join the Association can download and print a membership application form by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, you can contact us at



The Lancashire & South Cumbria Kidney Patient Association is run for the benefit of Renal Patients their families and friends from the local area. New members can join without charge for a minimum 12 months. Our Association is open to all who wish to join.

An Entirely Voluntary Association of Patients and Carers for all the Patients and Carers in Lancashire (including Boroughs formerly within the County Palatine) & South Cumbria

Kidney treatment in Preston was first made available in 1985 to support renal patients within Lancashire and South Cumbria region, prior to this, patients made the long journey to Manchester Infirmary to receive their much needed care.

In 1988 we became Lancashire & South Cumbria KPA, to reflect our serving the expanded kidney service in our region. As the Association is run by patients and carers for patients and carers, it provides us with unique opportunities to work closely with the clinical professionals through established relationships built with the doctors, nurses and administrators & MPs, we believe we are in a better place to help support continuous improvement to the care we receive.

Our Aims, Objectives & What we do

  • Patient & Carer Support (either by contact with a Committee Member who whilst unable to offer medical advice, can either give contact details for the appropriate help or offer insight based on their own experience.)

  • Patient & Carer Support through our volunteers organising Local Support Groups across our area, (mainly social, but problems or anxieties can be discussed with others having similar experience).

  • Cooperation with the Clinicians, Nurses & administrators to maintain and improve the renal service

  • Support the nursing staff to provide Dialysis Choices Days by attendance & funding

  • Provide information by way of our own quarterly professionally printed colour magazine or Newsletter, (kidney disease developments, Support Group dates & general interest articles), distribution of the NKF’s 3 per year “Kidney Life” magazine, provision & display of leaflets/pamphlets

  • More information through our own comprehensive website with links to other sources, and Events to mark World Kidney Day & Organ Transplant Week

  • Provide a Hardship Fund via the Renal Social Workers in cases where normal channels are not available

  • Provide patient amenities & medical equipment for renal and transplant patients not usually funded by the NHS, such as the holiday haemodialysis dialysis station at Kendal

  • Provide support for patients to attend NKF conference in the UK

  • Support entrants for the Transplant Games

  • Fundraising through social events and selling Christmas Cards etc to allow all of the above to happen, our membership fee doesn’t even cover the cost of our Newsletter.

How can you help?

Your support matters. So we are able to continue to do the much needed work within the Lancashire & South Cumbria regions, we ask you to join our family by supporting our Association:

JUST by spending five minutes, you can become a member of our association. Your membership counts. Your help will make a difference to the lives of kidney patients and carers in our region.

If you feel you would like to get more involved, then give us a call and volunteer to help our social events or if you feel really brave check out our web site for future fundraiser events. 

An Association Membership Form is included within the website, see the link above, but membership can be obtained by sending payment, name, address, phone number, email address and stating if carer or patient, to the membership secretary:

Mrs B. Morris, 15, Broad Meadow, Lostock Hall, Preston PR5 5SF.

Membership costs a minimum of £5, payable annually on 1st August, free for first year to August 1st or minimum 18 months

New applications made 6 months prior to the due date will include the next full year.

Your information will be held on the Association’s Word Processor for our use only, not available to anyone else. If you object to this please write to the Membership Secretary to say so.