Recommended Links

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Further reading from the NKF
UK Diabetes Web Site
A charity that aims to raise awareness of altruistic living kidney donation.
A web site run by an ex-carer to help patients on Haemodialysis.
Information on Holidays from the NKF
Advice regarding Holiday Insurance for Kidney patients
Information for Living Donors from the NKF
An off-shoot of our own Association run by patients within the local area.
The link to the NKF Web site
Information for this years National Conference
Link to the NHS pages on organ donation.
Advice on Organ Donation from the NKF
Advice from the charity for Polycystic Kidney Disease
A guide to cooking for Renal Patients
A guide to State benefits from the NKF
Understanding Kidney Disease: Advice from the NKF
Information on commonly prescribed drugs from the NKF