To obtain the address for donations, please telephone the Association Helpline on 01253 867999 and leave a short message together with your name and telephone number. Alternatively you can email us at Please make all cheques payanle to LSCKPA. Thank you.


Thank you all for your old mobile phones, ink cartridges, stamps and  Jewellery that you have been putting in our collection boxes, envelopes and handing into the units and support groups.

Every item is sorted and sent to a few firms that we deal with to recycle them. The envelopes which are in the renal units can be used for ink cartridges (please put the ink cartridges in a small plastic bag to avoid leakage) & the old/broken jewellery and watches, or you can place them in the collection boxes in the waiting areas.


Ink cartridges:

We can only recycle branded cartridges not refilled or remanufactured 

Mobile Phones

Any type of mobile phone, broken, faulty or just and no longer used


New and Old stamps from anywhere. Please leave no less than 5mm (1/4 of an inch) border and no more than 10mm (1 inch)


Any broken, damaged and old jewellery (please take care of pins etc. when posting.)

We are now recycling old coins and bank notes from anywhere in the world , Please put them in a bag and drop them in the collection boxes or pass them to your local support group.


Easyfundraising is an online shopping service that helps YOU raise money for our charity without costing you a single penny. If you shop online at any of their 2,700 retailers, our charity will receive at least 1.5% of your spend, paid by the retailer. For example, if you shop at say, Amazon or Argos online, instead of going to their website directly, you go to , Log In, and click on their link to Amazon or Argos, when you purchase an item, our charity will receive 1.5% of your total spend. You pay the same price as you would have if you had gone directly to their web site. If you feel you need help setting this up, please click on the link entitled "SIGN UP NOW" at the bottom of this section and open the Microsoft Word document.

So, what are you waiting for? Just register on line at

and start saving money for your favourite charity NOW.